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Please get in contact with us to find out which solution we can offer you for your product and problem solving. We will work out what you need.

BLANKE nanotec

advanced technology in #nanoparticles for nearly every surface and material. protecting the surface with a thin layer of silicon dioxide, invisible but efective with its 100-150 nm thickness. other solutions are going deeper to the material for more hardness and resistance agains ageing and losses. invisible protection against dirt and water entering the material, create a #easy-to-clean effect. as thin as it is, it is resistant against UV, heat over 200ºC, cleaning chemicals; only abrasive impacts can take BLANKE nanotec away. under normal conditions it last for years until the application must be renewed. and the best! it keep the material surface open to respire air as before. this is a guarantee that vapor can evaporate from the substrate. of course, this is the solution for organizations and companies working with cultural heritage of the mankind - stops the environmental negative impact in 24h after its application.

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